Dual Fuel Range Sabbath Mode

Core Issue:

  • How to enter Sabbath mode on Dual Fuel (DF) Range?
  • Is the DF Range Star-K certified?
  • Sabbath mode setting controls
  • Dual Fuel displays SAb or sa6

Steps to Verify Issue:

Setting Sabbath Mode

  1. Turn the oven light on or off.
  2. Rotate the selector bezel to Bake or Roast and select desired temperature.
  3. Touch and hold Enter for 5 seconds. "SAb" will appear and flash on oven control knob indicating Sabbath mode has been initiated.
  4. Once the oven reaches the preset temperature, the unit will stay at that temperature unless it is changed manually.
  5. To change the oven temperature while in Sabbath mode, turn the control knob.
    • Each turn will increase or decrease temperature by 10° (F or C).
    • Display and audible chime are disabled, but the temperature will randomly change after a new temperature is selected.
  6. The oven will remain on until the Sabbath mode is exited by rotating the selector bezel to Off.
    • Since only Bake and Roast mode are used, the convection fans only run during preheat.
    • Avoid opening the oven doors during preheat to adhere to Sabbath observations.


The Dual Fuel Range is certified by Star-K to meet strict religious regulations in conjunction with specific instructions found on www.star-k.org.

  • Sabbath overrides the automatic 12-hour shut off feature.
  • Display and audible chimes are disabled.
  • Oven light will stay on or off depending on the state when Sabbath mode is initiated.
  • Turn the oven selector bezel to Off to exit Sabbath mode.
  • Unit will return to Sabbath mode after a power failure.
  • Refer to The Wolf Sabbath Guide for more information.

See also, Changing Temperature on Dual Fuel in Sabbath Mode and Time Bake in Sabbath Directions.

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