Water or Ice Dispenser Turns On by Itself or Won't Turn Off


  • Failing water solenoid valve
  • Issue with control board communicating with the water valve
  • Water pressure issues

Core Issue:

  • Water pouring out or leaking out of water dispenser
  • Continuous flow of water from dispenser will not stop running
  • Water drips from water dispenser after release the water dispense button
  • Dispenser will not stop dispensing ice
  • Water or ice coming out of the dispenser on its own
  • Water dripping from the dispenser

Steps to Verify Issue:

  1. Turn power off to the unit at the control panel.
  2. Turn power back on and try to dispense water or ice again to see if the leaking or ice dispensing continues.
    • If it stops, continue to monitor after each use.
  3. If leaking or random dispensing continues, turn the water supply source off.
  4. If needed, turn the unit off at the control panel first, then at the circuit breaker to the product.
  5. See also, Dispenser Ice Bucket Auger Motor Operation.


Even if the water stops flowing when power is restored to the unit, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair to ensure no water continues to leak and cause damages.

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