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Friends of the Kitchen

John Raymond
John Raymond

Chef John Raymond grew up in a family where farming and conservation were part of daily life whether it entailed picking apples or washing windows with vinegar and water. John began to explore the world of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture back in 1997, and the end result was a partnership with Joe Schmidt, owner of Cedar Creek Farm in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Their working relationship preceded Roots’ establishment, but they quickly became friends with a collaborative vision of owning Milwaukee’s only farmer/chef restaurant. As restaurant co-owners, John and Joe now provide their patrons with the freshest produce grown on their farm, as well as in hoop houses and green houses during the cooler months. Additionally, Roots uses local foragers for mushrooms and other local farms for meat, poultry and items not produced on their farm’s acreage. Roots is a member of Slow Food and the Chef’s Collaborative, and they also participate in educational seminars on sustainable growing practices. Their latest effort working with a local organization to develop a process for turning fryer oil in bio diesel!
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