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Rustico Cooking
Rustico Cooking

Rustico Cooking features a state-of-the-art cooking loft in Midtown Manhattan, where they host cooking classes, wine tastings, cooking parties and team-building events.

Rustico Cooking was launched in 2002 by Milan-born Micol Negrin. After obtaining a degree from Canada’s premier culinary academy, L'Institut du Tourisme et de l'Hotellerie du Quebec, Micol moved to New York City and became the Editor and chief writer for The Magazine of La Cucina Italiana.

Author of two highly acclaimed cookbooks (the James Beard-nominated Rustico: Regional Italian Country Cooking and The Italian Grill, both published by Clarkson Potter), Micol is not only a skilled Italian chef, but an accomplished writer and well-respected authority on Italian cuisine. She teaches Italian cooking across North America and writes for major publications (including Cooking Light and Bon Appetit).

Micol's husband, Dino De Angelis, earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal. He designed the Rustico Cooking web site and teaches at Rustico Cooking.

When it came time to select cooking and refrigeration products for Rustico Cooking, Micol and Dino selected Wolf Gas Ranges, Dual Fuel Ranges and Built-In Wall Ovens, as well as Sub-Zero Refrigerators, Freezers and Wine Storage Units. Micol says, "(We) are absolutely thrilled with the appliances we selected. We recommend the Wolf Dual Fuel Range. We also love our two electric Wolf wall ovens. Our Sub Zero refrigerators are amazing; the suction on the doors alone makes a huge difference and food stays fresh so much longer than in other refrigerators. Our herbs stay fresh for about a week, and fish and seafood stay fresh for at least 48 hours longer than in other refrigerators."

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