Sub-Zero PreservationWolf

Organic Growers

Between now and the time you serve it, keep the food as fresh as it can be.

Debra Lee

Baskets and crates overflow with fresh fruits and vegetables at Debra's stand at the Raleigh, North Carolina, farmers' market.

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Carl Grooms

From November through March, the air around Fancy Farms in Plant City, Florida, is heavy with the aroma of ripe strawberries.

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Anne Topham

On her farm near Madison, Wisconsin, Anne crafts cheeses from the rich milk produced by her herd of beloved Alpine goats.

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Brett Bishop

Brett harvests shellfish from Pacific Northwest tidelands that have belonged to his family for six generations.

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Diana Murphy

The organic eggs produced by Diana's free-range hens cover a spectrum of colors, from white to brown to delicate blue.

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Pete Knutson

Operating out of Seattle, Pete and his two sons, Jonah and Dylan, harvest wild Pacific salmon and halibut with the family's two fishing vessels, the 40-foot Njord and the 38-foot Loki.

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