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Kitchen Trends

10 Creative Space Solutions
Printed by permission from Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest consulted the AD100—the magazine’s distinguished list of top interior designers and architects—for their “essential advice” when it comes to kitchens.

From “green” ideas to what they see as the next big things in kitchen design, here’s what the visionaries say:

  1. Pantry room access through a full-height cabinet door, visually integrated into the rest of the cabinets, resulting in a “secret room”! – Eddie Jones; Jones Studio, Inc.
  2. Children’s toy storage under a banquette seat. – Roderick Shade; Roderick N. Shade Interior Design
  3. Recessing a TV into a wall above the counter and covering it with a two-way mirrored backsplash — it disappears when it is off. – Jacques Saint Dizier; Saint Dizier Design
  4. Adding a high-back banquette into a small space to give privacy within the functions of the kitchen. – Emily Summers; Emily Summers Design Associates
  5. “Extending” the kitchen by placing built-in equipment on an exterior wall that protrudes into the garden. It maximizes the garden space and respects zoning requirements. – Penny Drue Baird; Dessins
  6. Recessing exposed shelving into sides of cabinets for cookbooks and magazines. – Sally Sirkin Lewis; J. Robert Scott
  7. A multi-functioning island could provide seating, cooking storage, entertaining and plenty of hidden gadgets. – Geoffrey Bradfield; Geoffrey Bradfield, Inc.
  8. Utilizing kick toe space for pull-out floor storage. – Suzanne Tucker; Tucker & Marks, Inc.
  9. Sliding (concealed) panels at the backsplash for extra storage. – Thomas A. Kligerman; Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects P.C.
  10. Using nooks and found spaces that are low down or high up to create storage for trays, platters, linens and pots with long handles. – John Barman
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