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The legendary Wolf gas ranges offer more precise control than ever. Innovative dual-stacked burners have two tiers of flame ports. When you’re boiling, searing, or stir-frying, the upper tier produces impressive power. Turn down the heat, and the lower tier provides delicate control for low, slow simmers; you can even melt fine chocolate, confident it will never scorch.

Wolf 36

Fine control at every level

Topside, dual-stacked, sealed burners deliver the instant response and the finesse you want across the full range of power. The “sealed” part means easy cleaning; sloshes and spills can’t run behind the burners. The optional griddle and charbroiler have gas-fueled infrared elements for rapid temperature recovery when cool food is placed on the surface. Then there’s the remarkable French Top, a favorite tool of professional chefs.

Below, the gas convection oven produces the moist heat so coveted by bakers. Its infrared broiler, the type used in professional ranges, preheats fast and crisps foods beautifully without overcooking the center.

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Rangetop Configurations

Wolf Gas Ranges give you the freedom and flexibility to create a cooktop that's customized for you and your family. Use our slider tool to navigate through the many configuration options that are available, and choose the rangetop that works best for you.

Wolf 30" Gas Range

Enhanced with an updated design and new product features, Wolf has further perfected the form and function of our stainless steel gas ranges. The new 30” Gas Range features more performance control and proven durability than ever before, with four dual-stacked, sealed burners that offer precise control from the highest highs to the lowest lows and a large-capacity gas convection oven with infrared broiler that sears quickly and evenly.
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Wolf 36" Gas Range

The new Wolf 36” Gas Range boasts a cooktop that can be configured with six dual-stacked, sealed burners, a combination of four burners with powerful infrared charbroiler, or infrared griddle that serves up everything from perfect pancakes to grilled cheese. An updated design and new product features that enhance performance control are backed by our proven durability, and industry-best support and service.
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Wolf 48" Gas Range

The new 48” Gas Range, still the most-customizable range in the Wolf family, now with an updated design, new product features and enhanced performance. Your gas range can be configured in five different ways (options include an infrared charbroiler or an infrared griddle). Dual-stacked, sealed burners offer precise control and easy cleanup. Both the 30" and the 18" ovens now feature Wolf’s exclusive spring-and-damper door hinge system.
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Wolf 60" Gas Range

With three rangetop options, including a French top, and over eight cubic feet of capacity inside the two gas convection ovens, the new Wolf 60”Gas Range offers a professional and powerful range with supreme versatility. Enhanced design and new product features bring precision control and top performance control, backed by our proven durability, and industry-best support and service.
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