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Ideal grilling conditions produce ideal results

Wolf outdoor gas grills use two types of heat, direct and radiant, to achieve the ideal temperature range and uniform heat distribution that are the keys to flawless grilling. Direct heat from the gas burners delivers high, searing temperatures (via a total of 130,000 Btu on the 54" model) and rapid preheating, while radiant heat sources distribute temperatures evenly.

Grilled steak

Sear here

A powerful, 25,000 Btu sear station on the 36", 42" and 54" models generates exceptionally high heat to sear meats faster and deeper, sealing in flavorful juices.

Close-up of the radiant heat zone on a Wolf gas grill

A clear view of your work

To take the guesswork out of nighttime grilling, dual halogen lights inside the grill produce brilliant white light for a true picture of the grilling surface. And, LED lights positioned about the Wolf knobs make it easy to adjust the controls in dim light.

Halogen lights in Wolf gas grill interior

Wolf 13" Burner Module

The Wolf 13" burner module is stainless steel and can be added to your built-in grill or grill cart as side burner.
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Wolf 30" Outdoor Gas Grill

Wolf 30" outdoor gas grills can be built-in or combined with an optional cart and feature heavy-guage stainless steel grill grates, an exceptionally-reliable ignition system, and halogen interior lighting.
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Wolf 36" Outdoor Gas Grill

A Wolf grill helps you cook with the one ingredient every cook needs: confidence. From its easy-to-open, heavy-gauge lid to the power and finesse of its gas burners, the Wolf 36" outdoor gas grill makes you feel always in absolute control.
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Wolf 42" Outdoor Gas Grill

Like its indoor counterparts — Wolf ranges, ovens, and cooktops — the 42" Wolf outdoor gas grill marries virtuoso performance with exceptional ease of use.
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Wolf 54" Outdoor Gas Grill

The Wolf 54" outdoor grill and its combined 130,000 Btus of sheer power is available for built-in applications for the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Two types of heat (direct and radiant) produce the ideal cooking environment for flawless grilling.
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