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Why Visit a Showroom That Represents Only One Manufacturer?

Why Visit a Showroom That Represents Only One Manufacturer?

Why visit a manufacturer showroom?

For the same reason you visit a car dealership, even though you’ve already decided on a specific make and model: because the best way to experience a company’s exceptional product design is in person. Official showrooms have a manufacturer’s newest products, and often they’re installed in full-scale, working kitchen spaces.


  • Evaluating quality and features in a hands-on environment. Beyond just opening doors and drawers, you can often test drive “live” appliances that are hooked up to gas or electricity.
  • Watching cooking demonstrations hosted by professional chefs — and tasting the results.
  • Brainstorming with chefs and other experts who can answer all your questions, and help you pick the right appliances for the way you live.
  • Sidestepping the pressure to buy; in most cases sales are conducted elsewhere through authorized dealers.
  • Connecting with experienced kitchen designers who are recommended by showroom staff.


  • Not being able to compare competing brands in the same visit.
  • You may live farther away from a showroom than you’re willing to travel.

"There’s no sales pressure. I don’t need you to sign on the dotted line today to get my commission. There is no commission. My job is specifically to help you make the right decision for you."
Coleman Teitelbaum

Showroom Manager and Corporate Chef, Sub-Zero and Wolf

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"I got more ideas for my kitchen in 90 minutes than I did in 90 days on my own!" said one customer. Test drive working appliances. See full-scale kitchens of all styles. Talk with our experts. Get a taste for all your new kitchen can be.

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You may be full of ideas about your new kitchen project. But the right design professionals will show you possibilities you‘ve never even imagined, and help make the whole process as smooth and easy as possible. These design professionals have been recognized as regional winners in the prestigious Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest. Click "More Design Professionals" for a full listing of top design professionals and firms in your area.

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Located at specific dealers near you, the Living Kitchen features Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in real kitchen settings and more resources for selecting the right products for your dream kitchen. Look inside a Living Kitchen.