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Identify Any Must-Have Appliances

Identify Any Must-Have Appliances
Perhaps you came into the project knowing there's a particular appliance you can't live without. Let your design pro know so he or she can advise you on any implications. Here are two key questions to discuss with your designer:
  • Should your must-have appliance drive the kitchen design? (Appliances that might deserve star treatment include a 60-inch commercial-style range, a custom-designed chimney hood, and a freestanding wine storage unit.)
  • Will your must-have appliance require structural changes in the home to accommodate its size, weight, or power?


If you want stacked double ovens, but can't decide on the exact models, let your design pro know. She can plug the ovens into the floor plan, so cabinetry can be designed around them, and help you choose the specific models later so you don't unnecessarily hold up the design process.

"We wanted a substantial cooktop; in fact, we built the kitchen around it. We read about this cooktop on the Internet and looked at it in the showroom. That cooktop has done everything we expected. Five years later, we're still happy with it."
Paul and Elaine Cohen

Homeowners, Boston

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"I got more ideas for my kitchen in 90 minutes than I did in 90 days on my own!" said one customer. Test drive working appliances. See full-scale kitchens of all styles. Talk with our experts. Get a taste for all your new kitchen can be.

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You may be full of ideas about your new kitchen project. But the right design professionals will show you possibilities you‘ve never even imagined, and help make the whole process as smooth and easy as possible. These design professionals have been recognized as regional winners in the prestigious Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest. Click "More Design Professionals" for a full listing of top design professionals and firms in your area.

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Located at specific dealers near you, the Living Kitchen features Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in real kitchen settings and more resources for selecting the right products for your dream kitchen. Look inside a Living Kitchen.