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36" Sealed Burner Rangetop
There’s good reason why professional chefs choose gas cooking; control. The patented, dual-stacked sealed gas burners of our Sealed Burner Rangetop take control to a new level. Two levels, really. The upper-tier ports deliver maximum heat transfer at higher settings; the lower-tier continuous flame is capable of handling the subtleties of simmering and melting.
Model Options
SRT366 - 6 burners
SRT364C - 4 burners, Charbroiler
SRT364G - 4 burners, Griddle

Shipping Weight (lbs): 190-220

CSA certified for US and Canada

Star-K Kosher certified as Sabbath and holiday-compliant


Two and five year residential warranty-exclusions apply


Dual-stacked, sealed surface burners, all with simmer capabilities and automatic reignition at all settings

Classic stainless steel exterior finish with island trim

Comes standard with Wolf's signature red control knobs and stainless-finished bezels surrounding each knob - a second set of black or stainless steel knobs is available at no charge at the time of purchase

Bezels with stainless steel finish surround all knobs - chrome or brass bezels optional

Porcelain-coated cast iron continuous top grates

Natural or LP gas models

15,000 Btu/hr (4.4 kW) burners with 950 Btu/hr (.3 kW) delivered at simmer

9,200 Btu/hr (2.7 kW) burner with 325 Btu/hr (.1 kW) delivered at simmer and melt

Stainless steel cover included with griddle and charbroiler.

Frequently Asked Questions - Planning
Classic stainless steel risers in 5" and 10" heights, or 20" riser with shelf
Black or stainless steel control knobs (no charge if ordered at time of purchase)
Chrome or brass bezels (bezels with stainless steel finish included with rangetop)
One-piece wok grate and single burner grate
Porcelain-coated cast iron two-burner S-grate
Hardwood cutting board (griddle models only)
LP gas high altitude conversion kit
Griddle Cleaning Kit
16,000 Btu/hr (4.7 kW) infrared charbroiler
15,000 Btu/hr (4.4 kW) infrared griddle

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Frequently Asked Questions - Owners

Porcelain-coated cast iron grates come standard. Porcelain cast iron S-grates are also available.

The charbroiler is designed with an infrared burner to give the highest quality and most efficient method of gas grilling. A radiant plate with numerous holes distributes the heat evenly over the grate, transferring an intense heat to the food. This sears the outside of the food, leaving the inside tender and juicy. The infrared burner is designed to operate at 16,000 Btu/hr at 100% full heat output.

The infrared griddle operates at 15,000 Btu/hr for natural gas and 13,000 Btu/hr for LP gas. It is thermostatically controlled, which means once the set temperature is reached, the heat cycles to hold that temperature.

SRT366 - 6 burners

SRT364C - 4 burners, Charbroiler

SRT364G - 4 burners, Griddle

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