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601 Product Availability Update
This Fall, Sub-Zero is changing over to a highly anticipated new built-in refrigeration line. The all refrigerator and all freezer models in this new line will be 84" tall with the grille on top of the unit, and have different panel sizes than the existing 600 series. As you know, the existing 600 Series all refrigerator and all freezer models have a height of 73" and the grille below the door.

To accommodate your designs using 601 models, we will continue to offer the 601R, 601RG and 601F through mid-2009. This will also serve customers needing replacements for 201, 501 and 601 models. Keep in mind that the 201, 501 and 601 door panels are identical in size.

You will need to be sure to order the correct model number as we will be offering two lines of Built-In all refrigerator and all freezer models. Below is a list of the new built-in all refrigerator and all freezer models, and the corresponding 600 Series model numbers.

New Built-In (84” height) 600 Series (73” height)

Please contact your Sub-Zero and Wolf Regional Showroom with any questions. Also, be on the lookout for future e-mails as we do our best to keep you informed on Sub-Zero and Wolf products.

Posted on Monday July 21 2008 at 2:19 PM
by Sub-Zero
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