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Wolf Induction cooktops' unique features stand out..........or seamlessly blend in!
By now we’re sure you have read all about the speed, efficiency and safety of induction cooking. However, most brands are focusing on the same things, for example how fast they can boil water, and how the cooktop surface stays cooler. Is anyone standing out with unique features?

At Wolf, we know there is more to cooking than boiling water in under 90 seconds. We have developed actually five induction cooktops in 15”, 30” and 36” widths with features that you and your clients will appreciate. While having all of the speed, efficiency and safety features as the competition, the following lists features that help us stand apart.
  • Advanced burner technology. With most brands, to get the highest level of power you must be using a pan the exact size of the burner. If the pan is smaller than the burner it will decrease the power delivered. Wolf induction cooktops adapt to the size of the pan, so even if it is smaller than the burner, you still get all of the power.
  • Pan material adjustment. On induction elements a lower-grade pan may not perform at the power level that you have set. Wolf induction elements make up for that by sensing what the pan is made of and making the necessary adjustments to give you the power you need.
  • Better heat distribution. Almost all induction cooktops have a single generator coil per burner, which creates “cold spots”, meaning uneven heat distribution. Wolf alleviated this issue with multiple smaller coils on each burner instead of one large coil. Smaller coils mean no cold spots and even heating for your client.
  • Countdown timer. Feel free to throw away that egg timer. Our induction cooktops incorporate a 99-minute timer that will beep when time runs out.
  • Unframed trim option. Would you like to have your cooktop flush with your countertop? The unframed models have no trim, allowing you to build it into the countertop so that the top of the cooking surface is on the same plane as the top of the countertop for a sleek, modern look. Also available in the framed option with classic stainless steel trim.
To find out more about Wolf induction cooktops, go to our website,, or visit your regional Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom.

Posted on Tuesday August 12 2008 at 2:05 PM
by Wolf
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