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New Sub-Zero Built-In offers an innovative design option - Flush Inset
You’ll have more flexibility and design options with the launch of our new built-in refrigeration line. A special feature is the new flush inset application, allowing you to design the refrigerator flush with surrounding cabinetry, with no visible trim or grille. There are several key points that need to be considered:

  • Extra cabinet depth is needed to install the unit flush inset. If a 3/4" decorative panel is used, 26 3/16" of cabinet depth will be needed. A thicker panel will require additional cabinet depth.
  • A half-inch reveal must be kept on each side and the top. This allows for the unit to function properly and to prevent the door from binding with adjacent cabinetry.
  • Accessory stainless steel panels are available for use in the flush inset application. Panels are available in classic, platinum and carbon finishes
  • You can place two units side-by-side in a dual flush inset application (except side by side models) with a single grille across both units. Please note that panel sizes and offsets change for this application to achieve the proper look. Stainless steel panels in classic, platinum and carbon are also available for a dual flush inset application.
Download the built-in design guide (PDF file), or visit your regional Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom.

Posted on Tuesday October 07 2008 at 9:44 AM
by Sub-Zero
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