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Sub-Zero Built-Ins Offer Advanced Air Purification
At Sub-Zero, our mission is to provide your clients with the best in food preservation technology. The air purification system in our new built-in line is a welcome addition to an already robust, proven preservation system.

Originally created for NASA, this system does more than just clean the air. It significantly reduces bacteria, odors, and the ethylene gas naturally emitted by some foods, such as apples and apricots. This gas causes over-ripening and hastens the spoilage of foods. The air in the refrigerator is refreshed every 20 minutes. The refrigerator will even let you know when the cartridge needs to be changed.

Watch this video to learn more about how our new air purification system works. It is a proven system and, combined with our other built-in features like dual refrigeration, creates the most complete food preservation system available today. See our complete line of built-in refrigeration. See our complete line of built-in refrigeration.

Or, to see the new built-ins in person visit your regional Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom.

Posted on Thursday August 13 2009 at 10:49 AM
by Sub-Zero
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