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An Introduction to New Sub-Zero Built-In Model Numbers
Sub-Zero Built-In Order ChartWe all have a story about appliances being delivered to a client’s home only to discover something was ordered incorrectly, causing delays and frustration for all parties.

With the many options available with our new built-in refrigeration line, our goal was to create an easy-to-understand model naming system that helps ensure the right product is ordered. The following will take you through this model naming system.

The table to the right takes a model number and breaks it down into several parts. Each part has options to choose from. While not every combination of parts is available, this table will give you a better understanding of what each number and letter in our model numbers stand for. Other points to consider:
  • For features such as a glass door, if they are not applicable for your model, simply leave this part out of the model number.
  • A handle style only needs to be listed if you are ordering a classic stainless (/S) model.
  • Door swing does not need to be specified for side-by-side models.

Posted on Thursday December 04 2008 at 4:18 PM
by Sub-Zero and Wolf
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