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KDC Webinar Q & A
2008-09 Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest Webinar
Question & Answer Responses

Question: If we have a design that is not built (or is not really completed), can we enter it?
Answer: We would recommend holding off on this entry. We will have another contest for 2010-11 so it would be appropriate to enter that contest.

Question: You have a category for green/sustainable. That is great. How about a category for aging in place?
Answer: This is a great suggestion and we will entertain the idea for the next contest. However, if you have a kitchen that you are entering that meets this criterion this year, why not state that in your narrative and how you solved the problem of design issues around this topic. It might catch the interest of the judges.

Question: I would like to enter online, but submit my photos via snail mail because I want to ensure hi-res images get to the judges. Is this a good idea?
Answer: If you are worried about the photos being in hi-res (300dpi or better), we would urge you to submit your entry via snail mail. You should not enter the contest online and send in photos. It would be very difficult to ensure the photos catch up with the online entry. We will be printing the online photos on photo paper so they will be high quality, but they are not of the quality that you get from photo labs. Also, please do not submit your completed entries both online and via mail as this causes extra effort to make sure that the entry is not duplicated and shown to the judges twice. If you have already done this or you have started an entry online and then sent it in, please contact us so that we may either marry the pieces together or remove the duplications.

Question: How do we keep the entries “blind” if we have to submit return address information with our entries?
Answer: When we talk about keeping the entries “blind,” we are referring to the narrative, photos and floor plans/renderings. Obviously, each entry will be accompanied with an entry form that has all of your personal and return information. We code the official entry form (registration form if you submitted online) along with all of the supporting documents (e.g., narrative, floor plans/renderings, and photos) and then separate them. When the judging is finalized, we collate the documents back together for notification of winners and for mailing the documents back to you.

Question: Can I enter an internationally built kitchen in the North American portion of the contest?
Answer: Yes, most definitely. You are judged not by where the kitchen or room was built but by where you live and work. You are competing with designers within your territory, which goes by Sub-Zero and Wolf’s distributor territories.

Question: Is there a limit to the photos I can enter?
Answer: No; you can enter as many photos as you would like. We call for a minimum of two 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 inch images, but if you can help the judges “see” your entry better with other images, send them. If you have “before” pictures and feel they can help in the judging process, please send them along also. All photography will be returned and we will not use them until we clear it with you or the photographer.

Question: What about co-designers? How do we address this issue?
Answer: In many of the projects that are entered there are co-designers listed on the entry blanks. Many projects involve kitchen designers, architects and interior designers. We would expect the lead designer to send in the entry, but that is not always the case. If you are not the lead designer or if you are and shared the responsibility with others, we would encourage you to let them know you are entering the contest and you should list them on the entry blank. Remember, if this kitchen is a regional winner and is awarded a trip to The Breakers, the trip is for two people only and for one room. Additional rooms or airfares are not covered and would have to be shared with your team.

Question: The NKBA contest conflicts with your contest from a timing perspective and the NKBA has strict rules about this conflict. How do we resolve?
Answer: Our contest does not preclude you from entering the NKBA or any other kitchen design contest. In the past the NKBA has had rules and prohibitions that would make it difficult to enter their contest and any other competition. They have dropped those obstacles and you can now enter as many contests as you see fit without any issues. Even if your kitchen was published in a shelter or general interest publication, the NKBA and our contest do not have any obstacles.

Question: How does the judging work for the Designers’ Choice Award?
Answer: The Designers’ Choice Award is something that we did in the last contest and we are continuing with this contest. The winner of this portion of the contest is awarded $15,000. The “contest” goes like this. After we announce all 50 regional/international winners in our contest, they will be posted on our web site for all to see. The URL will be announced soon and will not go live until after February 15, 2010. We will email our trade database and all entrants in the 2008-09 contest notifying them that they can vote. You will have a chance to review all of the regional winners and vote for them individually. The collective votes will be tabulated and the kitchen that receives the most votes will be announced as the winner at the gala celebration at The Breakers on the evening of March 26, 2010. This judging is open only to the trade and not consumers. More details will be provided when we post the regional/international winners mid-February 2010.

Question: Can the winner of the Designers’ Choice Award also be the one of the national winners or international winners?
Answer: Yes, it is possible for the Designers’ Choice Award winner to be the first, second or third place national winner or one of the international winners as judged by our panel of seven judges. That would mean this individual would win up to $30,000 and the honor of winning two top prizes – one from our panel of judges and the other from the thousands of designers who selected your entry as the best. In the last contest, the Designers’ Choice Award went to the third place national winner.

Question: Is any preference given by the judges to new construction versus remodeling when doing the judging?
Answer: The judges are not aware of whether it is new construction or a remodel unless it’s stated in the narrative. Even if it is mentioned, it does not make a difference. The official entry form provides boxes for both remodeling and new construction.

Question: Can you please explain the judging process?
Answer: First of all, when the entries arrive they are assigned a code based on the Sub-Zero and Wolf distributor territory. They are all “blinded” and placed in folders to keep all of the loose pieces together. Your entries are broken down by the distributor territory.You, therefore, compete with your peer group in a relatively small geographic territory. The next step is the panel of seven judges will convene for two days in Chicago at which time they will review all of the segmented distributor entries. They will judge the entries based on their different disciplines on beauty, functionality and overall aesthetics. The judging will take place during the week of January 25. We will notify our distributors of the winners in their territories the week of February 1 and we will go public with the names the week of February 8. We will return all of the non-winners as soon as possible upon completion of the national judging and announcement of the national winners at The Breakers.

Question: Should we show the kitchen floor plan in relationship to surrounding rooms and the place in the house?
Answer: It is not necessary to provide this detail, unless the design is contingent on some extenuating circumstances around the house and its design that would be an important factor for the judges to understand and appreciate in their review.

Question: Can we enter a showroom as a kitchen design?
Answer: No. In previous contests we had showroom categories but we eliminated that portion of the contest.

Question: Who determines whether the entry is a traditional design versus a contemporary one?
Answer: We are going to rely on the judges to do this. They have a very good collective eye for making these decisions and we expect no problems to arise. If you feel strongly about your entry, please feel free to state TRADITIONAL or CONTEMPORARY on your entry form or narrative and we will be sure it is grouped in that category.

Question: If my drawings are 3/8” scale drawings or if I need to use 11x17 paper or even ANSI paper, will I be penalized?
Answer: No. We just want to make sure that the drawings are manageable for the judges to handle in the process. We discourage blue prints as it presents a logistical problem for reviewing. Even with pdfs entered online we will print out to ensure everyone competes on the same level playing field. These floor plans and elevations help the judges see things that may not be in the photographs.

Question: Do all of the appliances have to be Sub-Zero and Wolf?
Answer: No. We require a full-size Sub-Zero to be used in the kitchen and Wolf must be the primary cooking equipment in the kitchen. If the client wants to keep a favorite steam oven, warming drawer or microwave oven, for instance, from a competing company, we will not disqualify your entry. Also, this is not a contest where the designer who uses large amounts of Sub-Zero and Wolf units will have a better chance of winning. The judges are looking for good design, not an inordinate amount of appliances.

Question: What happens to a kitchen design where I have specified an induction cooktop and I cannot get it now and I have to put in a competitive unit?
Answer: We understand the situation here and we would not penalize an entry for our lack of product. Please make a note of this on the entry blank and in the narrative.

Question: I’m a contractor doing an installation of a beautifully designed kitchen. An architect, I know, did the design. Can I enter it?
Answer: No, but please urge the architect to go to our web site and enter the kitchen as the rules state that the entry must be submitted by the professional who did the design.

Question: Is it helpful to provide names of the cabinets, other items in the kitchen or even the names of the homeowners?
Answer: If the information will help the judges understand the design challenges or issues, yes, send the info along. However, we do not want to know the names of the homeowners. More often than not, we have discovered that homeowners would prefer to keep this information confidential. We certainly respect that request. If we publish the winning entry in any way, we will be sure to clear this with the designer(s) and homeowners and get signed agreements.

Question: Should we send our entries to you in manila envelopes?
Answer: This is perfect. Be sure to protect the pictures with some form of stiffener in the envelope.

Question: According to the directions you have given the students for their design challenge their drawings will not fit on an 8-1/2 by 11 or 8-1/2 by 17 sheet of paper. What do I do?
Answer: We apologize for this confusion. Please direct the students to use the best scale they can to make the final drawings manageable.

Question: Can I enter a kitchen design in two different categories such as a beautiful design that would also qualify for the sustainable category?
Answer: Yes, please note the sustainable category and we will be sure to include it in the overall judging from which the regional winners are selected.

Question: Can I enter a commercial-style kitchen?
Answer: Yes. In the last contest we had a home that had a traditional kitchen for the homeowners to use, but a commercial kitchen, still with Wolf and Sub-Zero, for the caterers to use. The judges liked the latter better than the former design and it was a regional winner.

Question: I have an entry where there is a Wolf range, a Sub-Zero, a Vent-a-Hood and a Thermador oven in the kitchen. Can I enter?
Answer: Yes, the Wolf range would be considered the primary cooking pieces and, while we would love to see Wolf ventilation used, we will not disqualify an entry for using a different style hood.

Question: I seem to recall that many of the regional winning kitchens are large kitchens with lots of space where cost seems to be no issue. Do the judges like that approach?
Answer: There is no bias toward large kitchens or big spaces. The judges are looking for good design with attention to detail regardless of the size of the space. Many small kitchens across the country have been selected as winners.

Question: How much information should be on the drawings and must I include renderings and/or perspectives?
Answer: Please include information that you feel is pertinent for the judges to review your design, but don’t clutter it unnecessarily. We ask that renderings and/or perspectives be included, but we won’t penalize you if you at least supply us with a floor plan, which can be hand drawn or drawn using CAD. We prefer not to see working drawings.

Question: Can the narrative be in pdf format?
Answer: If you are submitting online, it must be a Word document or in .txt format. As a workaround, our suggestion would be to copy the text in the pdf into a Word document.

Question: Can the project have started before 2008 as long as it was completed between 2008 and 2009?
Answer: Yes. The rules state that the space must be completed between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009. Some homes may take years to complete and that’s why we go by the completion date rather than the start date.

Question: If I am uploading photos online, what resolution do you accept?
Answer: We ask for the highest resolution possible with the maximum file size of 10MB for each photo.

Question: Can we submit entries as a company effort rather than as an individual?
Answer: Yes; we’ve had entries of this nature in the past. Please be aware, however, that if you win regionally, the trip is for two with only one room available.

Question: Will we receive confirmation of our entries?
Answer: Yes. If you mailed in your entry, we will confirm receipt either by mail or e-mail if you provided us with your e-mail address. If you enter online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail upon completion of your submission.

Question: Can you please outline the different categories and elaborate on the “green” category?
Answer: The easiest way to do this is to go to and click on Categories/Prizes. You may also download pdfs of the rules for each category by clicking on the link contained in each document. If you don’t find the answers here, please click on Questions/Contact Us which is located below Categories/Prizes and submit your question via e-mail. Also, because the student rules are different and no space is actually physically being built, we have created a separate section called For Students Only.

Posted on Thursday November 19 2009 at 3:28 PM
by Sub-Zero and Wolf
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