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New Product Intro - 36" Integrated All Freezer Model
Introducing our newest addtion to the integrated refrigeration line. Since the 36" all refrigerator integrated model became available, designers have been asking for the all freezer companion. Now it's here. Use all freezer Model 736TFI on its own or combine it with all refrigerator model 736TR for a substantial, yet completely hidden, refrigerator/freezer combination.

Like all of our integrated products, Model 736TFI can merge seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry with custom panels and handles. Or, use Sub-Zero stainless steel panels with your choice of pro and tubular handles.

Model 736TFI is ENERGY STAR qualified, with heavily insulated doors and magnetic gaskets helping to keep it running as efficiently as possible. It has a door and two drawers, with the bottom containing an automatic icemaker. With 21.5 cu ft (609 L) of space, it will take care of all of your freezer needs.

Click on the links below for installation and use and care information on our entire integrated product line.

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Posted on Wednesday January 20 2010 at 7:48 AM
by Sub-Zero
Use a Factory Certified installer and receive an extra year of full warranty.