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Unframed Cooktops Offer Style and Function
Increasing in popularity are unframed electric and induction cooktops, available with rounded edges and no trim, allowing them to be built-in flush with the countertop. Creating a clean, blended-in look for the cooktop.

Important points to consider:

• Each unframed cooktop comes with a template for creating the cut-out. However, to ensure a tight fit it is recommended that you measure the cooktop glass before cutting the countertop. Small variances may exist between the template and the cooktop. Another option is to lay the cooktop face down on the countertop and mark your cut-out. Remember to protect the cooktop surface before laying it face down.

• Because the cooking surface will be on the same plane as the countertop, flush mount installations are intended for granite, solid surface or stone countertop surfaces only.

• There is also the option to install an unframed cooktop on top of the countertop instead of flush, providing you with even more flexibility.

Get the full details and specifications on these products by linking to their product pages below.

30" Unframed Electric Cooktop
36" Unframed Electric Cooktop
30" Unframed Induction Cooktop
36" Unframed Induction Cooktop

Posted on Monday March 07 2011 at 1:55 PM
by Wolf
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