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The Wolf Difference - Dual Convection

Wolf's dual convection system combines speed, precision, and consistency not found in other convection ovens. But how? Some convection ovens consist of a heating element in the floor of the oven, and a fan in the back wall. While this helps move air in the cavity to speed up the cooking process, the heat is coming from the floor in the oven and will not create consistent results for multiple rack cooking. Others have a single fan in the back wall with a heating element attached, which is good for moving heated air through the cavity, but does not evenly move the air, creating hot and cold spots in the oven that lead to inconsistent results.

The image above illustrates Wolf's dual convection oven. Two fans in the back of the oven each have a dedicated heating element. The dual fans eliminate hot and cold spots in the oven, creating even temperatures throughout the entire oven cavity and consistent results in up to six racks of cooking. The air movement in the oven cavity also speeds up cooking time, and promotes browning.

Dual convection is available on all Wolf built-in ovens and dual fuel ranges. Check back next week to learn more about other convection modes, including convection bake, convection broil, and convection roast.

Posted on Wednesday June 15 2011 at 7:54 AM
by Wolf
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