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New Built-In Design Option - Extended Grille Panels

As a designer, incorporating refrigeration that matches seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry can be a challenge. Sub-Zero has come up with a new option for our built-in product line that may make that challenge a little easier to overcome. Our built-in product line has long had grille options for 83”, 84”, and 88” heights, however, many designs necessitate 96” or higher finished heights. This new option will allow you to achieve custom grille heights to meet your design needs in an overlay or flush inset application. While no Sub-Zero accessories are needed, you will need to provide hinging for your decorative grille panel.

Download the Extended Grill Panel Instructions to see how the extended grille panel option is achieved. We hope this new option gives you greater flexibility with your next design using the Sub-Zero built-in line of products.

Posted on Friday August 19 2011 at 11:01 AM
by Sub-Zero
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