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Asko Laundry and Dishwashers
When ASKO does the laundry and dishwashers, you get outstanding results! ASKO has the right-sized laundry system with flexible installation options for any family, large or small. ASKO dishwashers are super-quiet, dependable and backed by the most highly regarded warranty in the industry.

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Faber Hoods
The most demanding customers count on Faber hoods. Half a century of experience goes into the design and production of every model. Faber hoods are made from quality materials that have been subjected to the most stringent tests and controls. Faber has created a new generation of hoods, designed to extract kitchen vapors as efficiently as possible while maintaining their reputation for design excellence recognized worldwide. Faber style is noted for a refined elegance and attention to detail; at times restrained, at times elaborate, sometimes traditional, other times trendy.

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KWC Faucets and Sinks
The best in fine appliances now includes KWC faucets and sinks - known as a provider of innovative performance-driven water appliances with uncompromising quality, design and performance. KWC products include kitchen and bath sinks, faucets, shower heads and accessories.

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Scotsman is the leading maker of clear ice machines in the world. You’ll never have to settle for cloudy ice or that refrigerator taste again. Now you can provide in your home the same crystal clear ice that you would get at your favorite restaurant or bar. Scotsman’s unique ice-forming process makes gourmet ice cubes that are crystal clear, odorless, tasteless ice that is slow melting and won’t stick together. The compact, 15” wide undercounter refrigeration units are designed to be built-in. Each self-contained unit produces 30 pounds of ice and stores up to 26 pounds.

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Sylvan Source
Clean water – defined as great tasting and having no contaminants – is now on the standards list for anyone building or remodeling their kitchen. Hundreds of products have been developed over the years to provide clean water; many of them unpractical or expensive / time consuming to maintain. The Sylvan Source M-600 Ultra-Clean Water Appliance produces 6 gallons of clean water per day, all within an 85 lb. wall-mounted steel processor and water storage tank best installed in a basement, utility room or garage. It can be installed to serve multiple points of delivery, such as the refrigerator, ice-maker and the kitchen sink. No chemicals are needed and there are no membranes or filter cartridges to clean or replace. It is a maintenance free, self-cleaning system. Once turned on, there’s nothing else to do. Reduces more contaminants, more effectively and consistently than any other technology or product with no maintenance required. In fact, Frost & Sullivan selected Sylvan Source as the recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award in the mature U.S. residential drinking water treatment systems market.

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