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You know you want a Sub-Zero. Do you know why?

A nighttime view of the Sub-Zero and Wolf kitchen with two built-in refrigerators/freezers

Sub-Zero Creates Timeless Kitchens

Old World or Minimalist, Sub-Zero Contributes Flawlessly

Sub-Zero products are timeless. They’re designed to be an iconic piece within the home for years to come, not to mimic the latest design fad. Few things have the looks and quality to stand the test of time, but Sub-Zero’s design integrity allows it to blend effortlessly with any kitchen equipment and any kitchen style.

And since it’s built to last, no matter how many times you remodel its good looks will endure, and our superior-grade components and meticulous hand craftsmanship will ensure decades of high performance.

42-inch Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator/freezer with 424 wine storage

The Kitchen of Your Dreams in Form and Function

Infinite Customization for the Way You Live

With Sub-Zero you can define a space for your ideal function and individual style. Kitchen designers are freed from constraints with heights, widths, depths, frames, overlays, storage configurations, door and drawer options and other customizations.

Young children can grab milk or juice from a convenient drawer at the island while doing their homework. Guests can help themselves to ice and wine without getting in the cook’s or bartender’s way. Friends in the media room can grab ice and a cold drink without hiking to the kitchen upstairs.

The ability of Sub-Zero to tailor itself to virtually any design is what makes each kitchen so unique. A freestanding stainless steel PRO 48 creates a powerful focal point. Paneled built-ins with hand-forged handles mimic a French armoire. Integrated units without visible hinges or grilles are completely concealed within a wall, and disappear like magic.

If you can imagine it, Sub-Zero can make it happen — and make it look great.

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Detailed Specifications. Confident Installations. No Surprises.

Architects, Builders and Kitchen Designers Trust Sub-Zero

Kitchen designers and builders gravitate to Sub-Zero for its impeccable installation foresight and focus on building long-term relationships.

Sub-Zero works with design professionals throughout the product development cycle, in order to integrate their wishes to design better kitchens and understand consumer's needs in both form and function. These designers, architects and builders like our easy-to-read, detailed specifications and installation instructions make our products a pleasure to work with.

The overarching result is value: a customized kitchen that suits their client's needs and style — on budget and on time! With Sub-Zero, they know there will be no surprises. For the last 15 years builders have ranked Sub-Zero "Number One in Quality" in Builder Magazine's annual brand use study.

Use a Factory Certified installer and receive an extra year of full warranty.