Sub-Zero PreservationWolf

You know you want a Sub-Zero. Do you know why?

Fresh Cherries

Dry Side Dry. Humid Side Humid.

Dual Refrigeration Ensures Pleasurable Meals, Protects Food Investment.

With Sub-Zero each refrigerator and freezer area has its own dedicated, sealed system with compressor and evaporator, so fresh and frozen foods maintain their individual integrity — and maintain them much longer.

Fresh and frozen foods have different preservation needs. Fresh foods do best in a humid yet chilly climate to maintain their integrity, while frozen and convenience foods require dry, frigid air to prevent decay and freezer burn.

Other refrigerator/freezers compromise, using one compressor to cool both areas, so neither climate is ideal. Extra energy is also consumed as each side works against the other as it tries to maintain its core temperature. In addition, defrosting has to be done more often, and undesirable aromas and flavors are transferred around by the shared air system.

With a 60-year legacy as a refrigeration specialist, the results of dual refrigeration speak for themselves: Sub-Zero owners report that their fruits and vegetables retain vitality 20% longer. That can translate into big savings when you realize that the average American household tosses nearly 500 pounds of food — worth $600 or more — annually. Sub-Zero owners save time and money every day, because their fresh produce and frozen foods stay fresher longer.

Smart House, Smart Phone... Smart Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero's Microprocessor Control Guarantees Peak Performance.

Our state of the art microprocessor preserves your food by adjusting to your individual climate and schedule. It enhances food preservation by continuously monitoring each section of your Sub-Zero for pinpoint climate control, so foods are kept at their ideal temperatures, varying by only one degree of your set point. Accessed via the control panel, you can also finesse your lighting, your cooling fan, and be notified if a door or drawer is left ajar.

The system will also perform defrosting when it's convenient and most effective for you, based on your use patterns, local climate, and the time of year. For instance, it intuitively knows that it needs to defrost a little more frequently during a humid Miami summer, than it would in a dryer climate like Arizona. Maintenance? No bother — the system's control panel will notify you.

Sub-Zero's control panel

Superior Door Seals Lock in Freshness

Airtight Seals Boost Performance, Reduce Energy Use

Cold air is sealed inside your Sub-Zero securely, thanks to one-piece construction, extra-heavy insulation, and magnetic gaskets around every door and drawer. Our seals are so secure, that even after power outages of multiple days, owners report no thawing in their frozen foods. Even our glass doors are outfitted with high performance triple-pane glass that you can trust as much as a solid door to keep in the cold.

Airtight door seal

The Leader in Freshness and Air Quality

Less Ethylene = Fresher, Tastier Fruits and Vegetables

Our patented air purification system on our built-in series was inspired by a similar system developed for NASA. Every 20 minutes, it scrubs the air of ethylene gas naturally emitted by apples, melons, peaches and other produce. This gas hastens spoilage and creates bitterness, wilting and discoloring in other vegetables and fruits including lettuce, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Food preservation experts at the University of California-Davis say the ideal ethylene level for home refrigeration is 2.5 parts per million — our combination of dual refrigeration and air purification stabilizes ethylene at 2 parts per million. Our air purification system also reduces odors by removing bacteria, mold and viruses — contaminants too small for conventional filters.

Use a Factory Certified installer and receive an extra year of full warranty.