Sub-Zero PreservationWolf

You know you want a Sub-Zero. Do you know why?

PRO 48 refrigerator grille

Sub-Zero Outperforms and Outlasts

Quality Construction gives Superior Return on Investment

Sub-Zero customers who remodel their kitchens often don’t replace their original Sub-Zero... they add another! Sub-Zeros are built to last 20+ years. How do we do it?

  • We use only superior-grade components.
  • Every unit is assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Every single unit rigorously assessed before it’s released from our factory.
  • Our engineers perform intense reliability testing on every product, and work to identify and address potential problem areas before they show up in a product – and your home.
  • We sweat all the details. Refrigerator cabinet interiors, for instance, are measured to 3/1000 of an inch for perfect squareness.

We’re Gluttons for Meticulous Testing

Rigorous Testing Promotes Long Life and Owner Satisfaction

Our commitment to quality and performance includes scrupulous testing of each individual unit before they leave the factory. Every major component from switches and lights, to fans and the control board also must pass a performance inspection before they can continue to the production line.

Component parts are also subjected to stress tests in extreme conditions of temperature, vibration and electrical variance. These simulated lifespan assessments ensure switches and lights are cosmetically and functionally sound for the lifetime of the product.

We don’t stop there; one third of the units are also given a final 18-hour battery of checks, just for good measure — all with the goal of making Sub-Zero products last not just for years, but for decades.

Made in the USA: From Manufacturing to Customer Care

Accountability and Quality Working Together

Sub-Zero’s legacy of quality manufacturing began in the 1940s. Now in its third generation of same-family ownership, we still guarantee that every appliance is built in Wisconsin and Arizona using premium-quality materials that promote value and longevity. We carefully manage every aspect of our product including design, sourcing, manufacturing, testing, shipping and customer care. Whenever you call or email Sub-Zero, you are speaking with a product expert in Madison, Wisconsin.

Welding at Sub-Zero manufacturing facility

A Legacy of Quality, Innovation and Style

Every Sub-Zero is Built to the Highest Standards

In 1943, Westye F. Bakke built the first freestanding freezer in the basement of his Madison, Wisconsin home. A businessman with a keen ability to anticipate post-World War II refrigeration trends, he founded Sub-Zero Freezer Company just two years later.

From its modest beginnings, Sub-Zero has become what it is today: the recognized leading manufacturer of premium built-in home refrigerators.

In the mid-1950s the company developed the built-in refrigerator and changed the future of kitchen design by fitting within surrounding counter and cabinet space. The company continued to refine that concept with undercounter models, wine storage, the design-flexible 600 Series, the integrated 700 Series, as well as patented advancements in food preservation including dual refrigeration and ethylene-reducing air purification.

Use a Factory Certified installer and receive an extra year of full warranty.