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Cook with greater control. Enjoy more delicious results.

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Dual Convection: Consistent Results, Delicious Meals

Two Fans. Four Heating Elements. Ultra-precise Control.

Dual convection is an integral science in our built-in ovens and dual fuel ranges, yielding results so elegant, so fast, so uber-consistent, it may feel like a revelation.

Single-convection systems employ only one heating element and one fan. These don't build the consistent temperatures needed for precise, predictable results in everything from homemade macaroni and cheese to duck confit. With Wolf’s dual convection system, you get the results you expect in casseroles, meats and bakery with less fuss and greater confidence.

No more turning pans or moving racks to compensate for cold or hot spots. Bake multiple trays of cookies at once, each equally baked, and beautifully browned. Dual convection employs two fans in the back of the oven and each has its own heating element that works in concert with two additional heating elements so every bite, every inch, tastes amazing and looks equally desirable.

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Professional Results Every Time

Ten Cooking Modes. Infinite Possibilities.

Wolf built-in ovens and dual fuel ranges feature 10 powerful cooking modes. Each employs a unique combination of convection current with element-specific heat for consistent, professional results.

Learn more about each oven mode with MODE SIMPLE from Wolf. Watch videos, find Wolf-tested recipes, and get tips straight form our chefs. START COOKING


Convection mode is ideal for multiple-rack cooking. Dual convection fans cook 25% faster than non-convection methods.


Single-rack baking of cakes, biscuits, brownies and cinnamon rolls comes out perfectly with Bake mode.

Convection Bake

Circulating air evenly bakes multiple racks of food and creates flaky, golden crusts on cookies, tarts and pies.


Heat sources are balanced so less-tender cuts of meat like chuck roasts, lamb shanks, pot roasts and stew meats stay juicier.

Convection Roast

Broiler and Convection work in tandem for tender cuts of beef, lamb, pork and poultry to seal in juices, and brown and caramelize the exterior.


Intense radiant broiler heat browns steaks and meats to crispy perfection.

Convection Broil

Broil and dual convection fans combine to brown, sear, and evenly cook thicker cuts of meat, fish and poultry quickly.

Bake stone

The combination of Bake, Broil and dual convection achieves a professional brick oven effect for pizzas and flatbreads cooked on a bake stone.


Low heat and convection conspire to slowly, evenly, dry vegetables, fruits, herbs and meats.


The low, constant heat created by combining Broil and Bake modes produces the perfect environment for raising breads and dough.
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Purposeful Innovations

Precision Control from High-Heat to a Hint of a Flame

Sometimes you need a full head of power to boil, char or sear quickly. We can do that. Other times, you need heat that’s low enough to maintain a simmer without supervision, or just enough heat to melt a delicate chocolate. We can do that, too.

Sealed Burners

Wolf's patented, dual-stacked sealed gas burners give you professional control. The upper-tier burner delivers maximum heat transfer at higher settings, while the lower-tier flame is available for precision simmering and melting. Available on dual fuel ranges, gas cooktops, gas ranges and sealed burner rangetops.

True Simmer

Simmer sauces and stews for hours without boiling or scorching.


Melt builds delicate sauces and melts butter and chocolate at a slow 120 degrees to protect against boiling, burning and separation.

Gas cooktop sealed burner

Cooking is Our Specialty...

...Because Cooking is All We Do

Wolf's history of innovation began in the 1930s, building ranges and cooktops for the best restaurants in the country. In 2000, we introduced Wolf to equally-discerning homeowners, and continue to honor Wolf's long-standing tradition of being 100% focused on cooking. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or discovering the pleasure of cooking for the first time, delicious meals worth lingering over are always in reach.

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