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Cook with greater control. Enjoy more delicious results.

Wolf kitchen featuring 48-inch sealed burner rangetop and L Series oven

Explore Infinite Cooking Horizons

Wolf Caters to Your Individual Cooking Style

Wolf’s vision of performance via precision control extends to an entire universe of Wolf equipment:

  • Built-in single and double ovens featuring dual convection and ten cooking modes.
  • Gas ranges and rangetops in sizes and configurations to suit your cooking styles, from multipurpose griddles, to infrared indoor grilling, to the ultimate flexibility and professional cachet of a French Top.
  • Dual fuel ranges with ten unique cooking modes and dual stacked burners that transition from simmer to sear at the turn of a knob.
  • Cooktops in gas, electric and induction, in 15-, 30- and 36-inch widths, all with True Simmer – our controlled low-heat mode that eliminates scorching.
  • A variety of 15" integrated modules to serve the cooking you do most often: cooktops in electric, gas, or induction, dual-element indoor grill, steamer, fryer and multi-function burner for wok cooking.
  • Our latest addition, the Wolf convection steam oven, ensures bakery with beautiful crust, and meats and vegetables cooked and finished to perfection without basting or additional oils.

These and other thoughtful innovations go into every Wolf product, including our microwaves, convection microwaves, warming drawers, and outdoor grills, along with an array of options for incorporating ventilation into even the most groundbreaking kitchen designs.

Man cooking on the Wolf 36-inch gas cooktop

The Most Personal Room in the Home

Wolf Gives Exceptional Versatility in Layout and Aesthetics

We offer so many options in function, configuration and looks that we’ll never hold you back from having your dream kitchen. In fact, we encourage designers to explore and surpass the traditional work triangle and other typifications and break through with designs that truly reflect their client's personalities and lifestyles.

We are in the business of turning dreams into reality: Being surrounded by family as they help to prepare holiday feasts —with no one getting in the other’s way! Making the most of a tiny galley kitchen, or forging a comfortable, sophisticated space to share food preparation and dining with friends, colleagues and clients.

Thanks to our infinite configurations, Wolf fits like a glove. Clean, timeless aesthetics look just as appropriate in a modern, open space as a traditional kitchen or historic restoration. We offer choices in mount, integration, paneling, trim, finish and grates.

Wolf’s signature red knobs can add a spark of color, while basic black or stainless steel takes a more understated approach.

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Trusted By Design Professionals from Builders to Architects

On Budget. On Time. Lifelong Client Satisfaction.

Wolf is trusted by design professionals. Why? It’s simple really. We publish informative design guides, highly accurate specifications, and comprehensive installation instructions for every product. If a design situation is more unique, we’ll work with them to ensure a proper fit.

Designers, builders and architects don’t want surprises; we help them stay on budget and on time. They also trust Wolf because they know from experience that their clients will be thoroughly pleased with their cooking equipment today — and over the product’s lifetime.

Builders have ranked Wolf "Number One in Quality" in Builder Magazine's annual brand use study 13 times since 2004 in multiple categories.

Couple visiting Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom
Use a Factory Certified installer and receive an extra year of full warranty.