Sub-Zero Classic Series Crisper Drawer Lighting


  • How to remove Classic (formerly Built-In) Series crisper light diffuser
  • Crisper drawer lights in Classic models
  • Replace crisper light bulb in BI units


To determine what light bulb is needed:

  • Starting with serial number 4380000, a long LED tube light is used in the refrigerator crisper area.
  • Prior to serial number 4380000, the crisper light bulb is the same as the other lights in the refrigerator section.
    • Sub-Zero recommends service to replace the crisper lighting for units starting with serial number 4380000. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.
  • Freezer drawer lighting is the same as the overhead lights. Model BI-36F, all freezer, is the exception, as drawer lighting uses the long LED tube light.
  • See Classic Series Light Bulbs for light bulb information and purchasing instructions.

To remove the crisper light diffuser or cover:

  1. Remove the drawer and shelf in front of the crisper light.
  2. To remove the light diffuser:
    • For products prior to serial number 4380000, place both hands under the right and left sides of the diffuser and push upward.
    • For products starting with serial number 4380000, Sub-Zero recommends service to replace the crisper lighting. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair. However, if necessary, the lower light diffuser can be removed by squeezing it with both hands, four inches from each side, to release it from the diffuser retainers.
  3. Pull the lower light diffuser from the unit.

See also, Interior Lights Flickering or Cycling On and Off Inside a Sub-Zero.


Crisper LED Tube Light Part Numbers - Starting with Serial 4380000

ModelPart Number
BI-36U(FD), BI-36R, BI-36F7041957
BI-42S(ID), BI-42SD7041959
BI-48S(ID), BI-48SD7041958

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

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