Classic (Formerly Built-In) Water Filter Icon Life Monitor when Filter Is Bypassed


  • Why does the water filter replacement icon appear when the water filter is bypassed?
  • Can the water filter life monitor be disabled if the customer does not have the ice maker connected?
  • Is the water filter icon disabled if the water bypass plug, part number 7011209, is installed?


When the water filter bypass plug, part number 7011209, is installed (push in filters) or the water filter is removed (twist-in filters), the water filter monitor must be disabled manually.

To disable the water filter life monitor:

  • Once the bypass plug is in place (push in filters), or the filter removed (twist-in filters), press the filter reset button five times within a seven-second period to turn off the filter life monitor.
    • This is the white button to the left of the water filter on the front of the condenser cover.
  • A single beep confirms the monitor is disabled.
  • If present, the filter replacement icon disappears when the monitor is disabled.
  • If the filter replacement icon is not present, the unit only beeps to confirm that the monitor has been disabled.
  • For information on BI products that do not use a bypass plug, see Bypassing BI Water Filter.
  • Refer to Classic (Formerly Built-In) (BI) Water Filter Bypass Plug (Part Number 7011209) for instructions.

To enable the water filter monitor:

  • Press the Reset button five times within 7 seconds.
  • Two beeps confirm the monitor is enabled.

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The water filter bypass plug is available for purchase through Sub-Zero’s Accessory Store. Or, contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.

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