Classic (Formerly Built-In) Series Control Panel Icons, Symbols, and Buttons


  • What do the symbols, icons, and lights on a Classic (formerly Built-In) Series control panel mean?
  • Instructions for Sub-Zero control board
  • Classic (formerly Built-In) Series control board configuration
  • What do the wrench, ice cube, bell, leak, shower head, or light bulb symbols mean?
  • What is the service, clean condenser, air filter, water filter, ice maker, Max Ice, door alarm, and accent lighting symbol?


The following buttons and indicator lights are used in Sub-Zero Classic (formerly Built-In) Series control panels:


LightsTurns the interior accent lighting on or off for glass door models.
Ice MakerTurns power to the ice maker on or off. Use to disable the ice maker during extended vacations. See also, Turn Classic (Formerly Built-In) Series Ice Maker On or Off.
Max IceTurns the Max Ice feature on or off, which increases ice production 30% for a 24-hour period.
Colder/WarmerAdjusts the temperature in one-degree increments. Combination units have separate temperature controls for the refrigerator and freezer. Temperatures are preset at 38°F (3°C) and 0°F (-18°C).
Pure AirTurns the air purification system on or off. See also, Air Filter Operation.
AlarmTurns the door alarm on or off. A chime indicates the door has been left ajar for more than 60 seconds. See also, Classic (Formerly Built-In) Door Ajar Alarm.
PowerTurns the unit on or off. When the power is off, “OFF” appears in the control panel display. Turning the power off at the control panel eliminates the need to unplug or turn the power off at the circuit breaker during service or extended vacations.



Illuminates or flashes when the electronic control system detects a temperature or ice maker problem or if the condenser needs to be cleaned. See also, Clean the Condenser.
Illuminates when the air purification system is on, and flashes when the cartridge needs replacing. After the cartridge has been replaced, touch and hold PURE AIR on the control panel for 5 seconds to reset. See also, Air Purification Filter Replacement.
Illuminates when the water filter needs replacing. See also, Classic (Formerly Built-In) Water Filter Replacement Indicator On.
Illuminates when the ice maker system is on.
Illuminates when the Max Ice feature is on.
Illuminates when the door alarm is on.
Illuminates when the accent lighting is on for glass door models.


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