Dual Fuel Range Clock Standby Power (Sleep Mode)


  • Dual Fuel Range (DF) control goes blank
  • Oven control panel display is blank or ECH goes dim
  • Display goes blank on Dual Fuel controls
  • ECH Sleep mode
  • How to enable or disable standby power on Dual Fuel Ranges
  • Standby power serial number breaks
  • Clock will not stay lit


Dual Fuel Range Oven Controllers after the serial breaks listed below have a Standby Power option enabled.

ModelStandby Included
Starting with Serial #

Standby mode is optional and can be enabled or disabled. When standby mode is active:

  • The clock illuminates after any touch of the controls or oven use.
  • The Dual Fuel oven clock is disabled 10 minutes after the cooling fan operation is complete if the oven was on.
  • The clock is also disabled after 10 minutes of inactivity if the oven was not on but controls were used.
    • Example: Once timer is turned off, control goes to standby 10 minutes after last key touch.
  • When a new oven controller is installed on any existing Dual Fuel Range, the standby power option is present and automatically enabled regardless of serial number.

To enable or disable standby power:

  1. Oven must be off.
  2. Touch and hold CLOCK for 5 seconds.
  3. Touch STOP TIME to toggle setting on or off.
    • When Standby Mode is on, ON appears in the stop time on the display.
    • When Standby Mode is off, OFF appears in the stop time on the display.
  4. Touch ENTER to keep current setting.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

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