Gas Regulators Included


  • Does a product come with a gas regulator?
  • Is the gas regulator installed when the product is delivered?
  • Does the gas regulator come separate and need to be installed?
  • Can the gas regulator be adjusted?


The following units have a gas regulator already installed inside the unit:

Dual Fuel (DF) RangeRight rear corner of burner box
R Series Gas RangeRight wall of burner box near the back
GR Series Gas RangeFacing the unit, back wall on the right
Sealed Burner Rangetop (SRT)Center rear of burner box
Gas Rangetop (RT)Center rear of burner box
New Generation Gas Cooktops (CG)Right wall of burner box near the back
MM15 Model Multifunction ModuleRight rear corner of burner box

The following units have a gas regulator included with the unit and must be installed separately:

  • Gas Cooktop (CTxxG)
  • Multi-Function Cooktop (IM15)
  • BBQ Outdoor Grills
  • OG Outdoor Grills and BM13 Burner Module
    • Natural Gas unit includes regulator.
    • LP unit includes tank regulator.
      • OG54-LP has regulator for connecting to a home supply. Tank regulator must be purchased separately.
    • Regulator for connecting to home LP source must be purchased separately.
    • See also:
    • A separate safety valve is not required.

Wolf gas pressure regulators cannot be adjusted for a different pressure, even by Factory Certified Service.

  • The inbound gas supply line must be regulated to fall within Wolf's specifications before connecting to the Wolf product; this may require the installation of a separate regulator on the gas supply line.
  • To confirm the installation is proper, advise the customer to contact the plumber, installer, or gas company who installed the product.
  • The responsible party can advise if a separate gas regulator on the gas line to the unit is in place and regulated to the proper installation specifications.

Refer to the product installation guide for further gas supply pressure and installation specifications. The installation guide confirms which products include the regulator.

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