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Clean a UC-15I Undercounter Ice Maker


  • Steps to clean UC15I Undercounter Ice Maker
  • Clean UC-15I ice maker
  • Sanitize Undercounter Ice Maker model UC-15I


Clean and sanitize surfaces that come in contact with the water system every six months.

Note: The door may be left open during the cleaning cycle if desired but water and cleaner may splash out if left open.

To clean the ice maker


  1. Press CLEAN. The ice maker initiates a two-minute harvest to remove remaining ice from the evaporator.
  2. Remove all ice from the bin.
  3. Wait three minutes until the Clean light flashes.
  4. Lift the water shutters and pour 4 ounces (115 ml) of undiluted ice maker cleaner directly into the spray area.
    • It is not necessary to use more than 4 ounces of cleaner.
    • Use a small cup or a turkey baster to easily pour the cleaner behind the shutters. Refer to the picture below.
  5. Add the prepared cleaner from step 1 by lifting the curtain or water shutters and pouring it into the spray area.
  6. The ice maker times a ten-minute cleaning cycle followed by eight rinse cycles, then stops after about 30 minutes.
    • The Clean light will turn off to indicate the cleaning cycle is complete.
  7. Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of undiluted ice maker sanitizer to a small cup.
  8. Press the Clean key pad.
  9. Wait three minutes until the Clean light flashes, then add the sanitizer by lifting the water shutters and pouring into the spray area.
    • The ice maker times out a ten-minute sanitizing cycle, followed by eight rinse cycles, and stops after about 30 minutes.
    • The Clean light will turn off to indicate the sanitizing cycle is complete.
    • The ice maker continues from the previous point before the cleaning cycle started. If it was in the ice making cycle, it starts ice making again. If it was in an off cycle, it turns off.
  10. Sanitize the ice storage bin using a spray bottle with a solution of 1 tablespoon (15 ml) sanitizer to 1 gallon (3.8 L) water and spray all interior surfaces.
  11. Do not rinse. Allow it to air dry.
  12. If the full bottle of sanitizer is put into the unit, the first three batches of ice will need to be thrown out.
  13. Once started, it is not possible to cancel the clean cycle. The only way to clear the system of cleaner or sanitizer is to allow the clean cycle to finish.
  14. If the UC-15I loses power during the clean cycle, run a new clean cycle without adding any cleaner or sanitizer.
    • It may be necessary to run a second clean cycle if power was lost early in the cycle.

Water shutters lifted:

  • Pour cleaner directly into the area behind the shutters, cleaner will drain into the system for circulation.

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Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

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