How to Use Wolf Gourmet Blender


  • How to use the Wolf Gourmet Blender
  • How does the Blender work?
  • How to use program settings

Steps to Verify Issue:

The display panel shows the program selected and the duration time of the program.

  1. Remove the lid.
  2. Add the ingredients.
  3. Replace the lid.
  4. Press Start/Stop.
    • The display panel shows a down arrow and begins to count down.
    • The Blender automatically stops at the end of the program, and "END" appears on the display.
  5. To stop the Blender at any time during the program, press Start/Stop.
    • If reactivated by pressing Start/Stop again, the program will start at the beginning.
  6. Rotate the selector bezel to Off to turn off power.



  • When blending hot liquids, avoid contact with spray or steam by:
    • Always removing the emulsion cap assembly.
    • Always beginning blending on the lowest speed.
    • Never exceeding the 6-cup level.
    • Always keeping hands and other exposed skin away from the lid opening.
  • Wolf Gourmet does not recommended using the Blender to grind coffee beans.
  • The base of the Wolf Gourmet Blender will heat up during use. This is considered normal.

Refer to the Wolf Gourmet Blender Use and Care Guide for further information.

See also, Wolf Gourmet Blender Does Not Turn On.

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