Designer (Formerly Integrated) Refrigeration and Wine Storage Press-to-Open Door


  • Press to open PTO or push to open door feature
  • When will the press-to-open door feature be available on Designer (formerly Integrated) Refrigeration and Wine Storage models?
  • Is the press to open feature retrofitable to existing models?
  • Designer unit with push controlled door
  • Installation instruction sheet 9017859, 9021404
  • Part number 9018427, 9018428, 9018429, 9018430, 9021401
  • Individual service parts for press to open PTO door
  • Can the PTO accessory be used with a handle?



Refer to the Press-to-Open Design Guide for opening specifications and electrical location.

  • The Designer Column Press-to-Open accessory is only available for column models (IC).
  • Tall units (IT) have pull-out drawers that are not compatible with the Press-to-Open accessory.
  • The Press-to-Open accessory requires a dedicated, 15 amp circuit.
  • Two Press-to-Open accessories may be plugged into the same receptacle for dual installations.

Installation instructions detail the installation process. Designer (formerly Integrated) Column Refrigeration with dispensers has different instructions than those without dispensers.


  • This accessory does not meet the criteria for Star-K certification. When this accessory is installed on a refrigerator unit, that unit will no longer be Star-K compliant.
  • A Press-to-Open accessory with a lock is not available.
  • The Press-to-Open accessory does work with the accessory solid overlay doors for Designer Wine Storage units.
  • Colors vary depending on the kit.
    • Accessory stainless steel door panels are not compatible with the Press-to-Open accessory.
    • Designer Column kits have a white door frame to match the interior.
    • Designer Wine Storage kits have a dark door frame to match the cocoa black interior.
    • Refer to Sub-Zero Press-to-Open Door Color Options for more information.


  • The Press-to-Open accessory is designed for use with custom panels that do not have a handle.
  • Open the Press-to-Open door manually only in cases of a power outage or emergency using the emergency handle provided.
  • If a stainless steel door panel with a handle, or custom panel with a handle is used with the Press-to-Open accessory, the handle should never be used to open the door manually.
  • Only open the door manually in cases of a power outage or emergency.
  • Repeated opening of the door with a handle will cause the Press-to-Open door to stop working correctly.


Press-to-Open KitPart Number
RH Designer Column (IC)9018427
LH Designer Column (IC)9018428
IC-xxID-RH Designer Column with Dispenser9021401*
IC-xxID-LH Designer Column with Dispenser9018428
RH Designer Wine (IW)9018429**
LH Designer Wine (IW)9018430**

*For use with IC-30RID-RH and IC-36RID-RH. Dispenser units with a Left Hinge (LH) use the same kit as LH units without a dispenser.

**Cannot be used with IW-30R or IW-30C.

Individual parts from the Press-to-Open kits are also available. Refer to the following list for part numbers.

Part NamePart Number
COVER, HDR7041591

*Replacement emergency handle.


The Press-to-Open accessory opens refrigerator doors automatically through a pushing motion on the door.

  1. After connecting the system to the electrical supply, close the refrigerator door.
  2. Wait six seconds until an audible signal sounds twice.
  3. Pressing on the door opens it for four seconds.
  4. Open the refrigerator door fully by reaching behind with your hand.
    • The door will self-close if no action is taken after four seconds.
  5. Do not close the refrigerator door until at least four seconds after opening.
    • Always close the door by hand.
    • Do not close the refrigerator door with excessive force.
  6. Wait 15 seconds after closing the door before attempting to open again.

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