M Series Professional Oven Knobs


  • Are knobs included with the M Series Professional Oven?
  • What color knobs are included, available with the M Series Professional Oven?
  • Is a second set of knobs free?
  • Part number 823271, 823272, 823273, 823274, 823275
  • What material are the M Series knobs made of?


M Series Professional Oven knobs are included with each product.

  • M Series Professional ovens ship with the red knobs installed; this red set is included with the product purchase.
  • One set of Black or Stainless knobs are available at no cost at the time of product purchase.
  • Single ovens come with 2 knobs, double ovens come with 4 knobs.
  • Knobs are available in Black, Red and Stainless Steel.
  • M Series red knobs match all current products with red knobs.
  • Red knobs do not match previous model R Gas Ranges, RT Rangetops, or BBQ model grills.
  • Knobs are made of zinc with a heat resistant, plastic shell.
  • Pull knobs straight out to remove.
  • Purchase accessory knobs using the following part numbers:
    • Each part number below includes two knobs.
    • Order two sets for Double Ovens.
Knob ColorPart # (includes 2 knobs)
Stainless steel

Contact a local dealer for further sales information. For additional knob sets, contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.

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