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Change Amazon Dash Replenishment Settings


  • Manage Amazon DRS settings
  • Where to change Dash Replenishment configuration
  • Turn on/off Auto Reorder
  • Stop DRS from auto reordering
  • Change product options on DRS order
  • Dash setup shows "check status"


To change Amazon Dash Replenishment Services settings:
  1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices and select the Your Devices tab.
  2. Select your device with Amazon Dash Replenishment.
  3. Select Manage Dash Replenishment Settings.
  4. To change product options, select your product to change the options. To turn the Auto Reorder feature on or off, toggle the Auto Reorder Switch.

Anytime that the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App is updated, you must add Dash (DRS) back as an option. This may result in the app showing "check status." To resolve "check status," hard close app and open it again and the settings appear normal.

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