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How to Remove Protective Plastic Film


  • How to remove laser film from product exterior
  • Removing blue plastic film covering door
  • How to take off protective plastic film after installation
  • White or blue film on stainless steel


Sub-Zero and Wolf products arrive with protective blue or white laser film on many parts. This film should be removed during installation.

  1. Peel plastic off as carefully as possible.
  2. If needed, use tweezers or another small device to peel one corner up to get started.
  3. Remove the film slowly to reduce the risk of tearing it.

For film stuck between glass and stainless steel:

  1. Use tweezers and start in one corner to pull up.
  2. Slowly peel around the edge to remove it.

Film may melt if not removed from cooking appliances before use.

If a residue is left after removing the protective film, refer to Clean Adhesive from Stainless Steel for more information.

Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information.


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