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Stains on Stainless Steel or Silver After Cleaning in Dishwasher


  • Silverware has stains on it after running the dishwasher
  • Knives, forks, or spoons are dirty after washing
  • Rust or rouging on stainless steel after washing


  • Some food remnants such as mustard, mayo, lemon, vinegar, salt, and dressings can cause stains on stainless steel or silver if they stay on the silverware.
  • Aluminum can also cause stains on dishes.
  • Stainless steel can cause staining on silver


  1. Rinse all food residue if the dishwasher will not run immediately.
  2. Separate cutlery into various compartments in the basket.
  3. Make sure silver and stainless steel are not together.


If stains are appearing on stainless steel or silver after washing, check the following:

  • Use longer dry features and rinse aid to make sure all the dishes are completely dry.
  • Run the dishwasher regularly. Cutlery can become discolored if flatware is left in the dishwasher too long, and moisture on utensils can cause stainless steel to rust.
  • Do not mix stainless steel with non-stainless steel as it can cause spots that appear like rust. This is called rouging.
  • Hard water and using more detergent can cause problems with the detergent not rinsing fully.
    • Detergent residue staying on utensils can cause discoloration.

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