Wolf Oven Temperature Issue


  • Oven was not preheated
  • Heating element or fan issue with oven


  • Wolf oven temperature on a thermometer is different than setpoint
  • Oven display temperature not the same as the temperature measured with a temperature gauge
  • Oven temperature too hot or too high, not hot enough, or too low
  • Acceptable oven temperature difference
  • When the oven cycles on and off to maintain temperature, will the temperature on the control fluctuate?

Steps to Verify Issue:


    If oven use tips do not resolve the problem, check these steps:

    1. Allow the oven to fully preheat.
      • Preheating the oven for every mode other than broil is key to optimal cooking performance.
      • Expect varied results if preheat temperatures are not reached before adding food to the oven.
    2. If available, use the temperature probe to get more consistent cooking results.
    3. If any of the following happen, a service call is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product:
      • Oven is not getting hot enough even though oven is set to the right temperature.
      • Preheat is showing completed but oven is still not hot.
      • Foods are not cooked or take a significantly long time to cook versus the recipe time or past experience.
      • Food is unevenly cooked after following manufacturer and recipe instructions.
      • Turning the heat up does not show any improvement to cook time or oven performance.
    4. If the oven temperature issue continues, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

    See also:

    How Temperature Works in Wolf Ovens

    Wolf Oven temperatures vary during use for all residential ovens.

    • Ovens heat higher than the oven temperature set temperature and then turn off.
    • Once the oven cools enough below the set temperature, the oven thermostat or temperature sensors turn the oven on. The oven then heats up higher than the setpoint again. The longer the oven is on and heating, the more steady the internal temperature becomes.
    • It is normal for oven temperature to fluctuate during use. The oven cycles to maintain the set temperature. The oven temperature display does not show these fluctuations.
    • Temperature as measured with a thermometer or other device is never exactly the same as the setpoint on the oven. The oven sensors read temperature averages from several locations over time.
    • Temperature may vary widely depending on when the temperature is measured, how it is measured, when the door was opened last, and many other variables.

    If product temperature range seems very high or very low, the temperature units may be incorrect. To change the oven temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa, see:

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