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648PRO, PRO3650, and PRO4850 90° Door Stop Troubleshooting


  • How to install the 90° door stop on a 648PRO, PRO3650, and PRO4850 model
  • Part number 0000046
  • Instruction sheet 3758687
  • How to install the 90-degree door stop on a 648PRO?
  • How to stop the door from opening past 90° on a PRO 36 and PRO 48
  • 90 degree door stop does not work


Troubleshooting Scenarios

  • The pins that shipped with the unit are stuck in the hinges and will not come out.
    • Sometimes the weight of the door causes the pins to fit very snugly inside the hinge.
    • Use pliers to grip the pin and remove it from the hinge.
  • The 90 degree pins are installed, but the door will not fit back onto the hinges.
    • The pins have a notch on them that allows the 90 degree door rotation.
    • If the notches in the top hinge pin and the bottom hinge pin are not aligned in the same direction, the door will not fit.
    • Try turning the pins to they are in the same orientation as one another.
  • The 90 degree pins are installed, but the door is not stopping at 90 degrees.
    • If the notch in the pin is a quarter turn off, the door will not stop at the proper point.
    • Try removing the pins and turning them one-quarter turn (making sure the pins are in the same orientation as one another) until the door stops at 90 degrees.
  • How is the 90 degree pin visually different from the standard pin?
    • Look at the end of the pin.
    • The 90 degree pin has a brass tip on the end and the standard one does not.
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