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Sub-Zero Dairy Compartment Shelf Assembly Broken


  • Dairy compartment door fell off
  • How to put dairy compartment door back on
  • Dairy shelf broke in Sub-Zero refrigerator door
  • Can the dairy compartment lid be put back on, or must it be replaced?


If the door of the dairy shelf compartment has come off, inspect the dairy compartment shelf and door for any damage.

  • NOTE: This information does not apply to the Designer series.
    • There is no way to put the door back on the dairy shelf compartment if it falls off.
    • If the springs fall out of the door, there is no way to repair them.
    • Order a new dairy compartment as needed.

Without visible damage:

  1. Remove dairy compartment shelf from door.
  2. While in a seated position, hold shelf in lap vertically.
  3. Insert one tab of compartment door into lower hole of dairy compartment.
  4. While keeping lower tab inserted and pulling middle of compartment door outwards, insert other tab of compartment door into upper hole of dairy compartment.
    • The dairy compartment door does not have a lot of flex, so a fair amount of pressure may need to be applied.
    • It may be necessary to pull the middle of the dairy compartment door outwards while trying to insert the remaining tab.

With visible damage or if unable to install dairy compartment door:

  • Replace the entire dairy compartment assembly. The compartment door is not a replaceable part.
  • If the spring falls out of the door assembly, replace the entire compartment.


The dairy compartment shelf has grooves on the bottom of the shelf, facing down away from the contents of the shelf. The regular door shelves have grooves on the top of the shelf, and contents of the shelf sit on these grooves.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further customer troubleshooting advice is available. Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.


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