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Undercounter Ice Maker (UC-15I) Makes Too Much Ice


  • UC-15I or other Undercounter Ice Maker is producing too much ice.
  • Ice is falling out of the unit when the door is opened.
  • Ice maker making too many ice cubes.


  • Bin thermostat has failed or needs adjustment
  • Unit is missing bin thermostat clip


  1. Verify the bin clip is installed on the bin thermostat and is hanging down approximately 1 inch.
    • The bin thermostat and clip are the metal rod and cover on the inside left front of the bin. Everything else is plastic.
    • The bin clip helps the bin thermostat sense the level of ice in the bin and shuts the unit off.
    • The cold temperature from the ice is transferred through the bin clip to the bin thermostat tube.
  2. The bin clip, part number 7013482, can be easily installed by slipping it onto the bin thermostat tube or metal tube found along the left wall of the bin.
  3. Adjust the bin thermostat control, found behind the unit’s kickplate, to raise or lower the level of ice. To adjust:
    1. Remove the four screws attaching the kickplate to the unit, then remove the kickplate.
      • The bin thermostat is near the lower right corner.
    2. Turn the bin thermostat control to change the ice level.
      • Turn to the left to decrease the level of ice.
      • Turn to the right to increase the level of ice.
    3. Install the kickplate and the kickplate screws.
    4. Monitor the ice production.
    5. Allow 24 hours for the adjustment to take full effect.
  4. If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available.  Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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