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UC-15I and 315I Ice Maker Door Stop and Hinge Parts


  • What are the part numbers for the door hinges on a UC-15I, 315I?
  • Does the door swing matter when ordering hinge parts for a UC-15I or 315I?
  • What is the difference between the door hinges, hinge cover, and hinge covers?
  • Part number 7013485, 7013486, 7018739, 7018746, 7013079, 7013078, 7018710, 7018783, 7018724, 7018817


The standard door opening for model UC-15I and model 315I is 115°. The door stop comes with instructions for installation.

To order replacement hinges for a UC-15I(P), UC-15I(P)O, or 315I(P), always confirm the door swing of the unit.

If the hinge is on the left side when looking at the unit from the front, it is a left-hinge unit. If the hinge is on the right side when looking at the unit from the front, it is a right-hinge unit.

ModelHinge SideHinge LocationHinge Part #Hinge Cover Part #
UC-15I(P) or 315I(P)Right Hinge (RH)Bottom and Top Hinge7041529UC-15I: 7013078
315I: 7018783
Left Hinge (LH)Bottom and Top Hinge7041529UC-15I: 7013079
315I: 7018724
UC-15I(P)O*Right Hinge (RH)Top Hinge70134857013078
Right Hinge (RH)Bottom Hinge7013486
Left Hinge (LH)Top Hinge70134867018710
Left Hinge (LH)Bottom Hinge7013485

*All UC-15I outdoor models ship from the factory right-hinged.

Hinge covers for all models:

  • Hinge covers listed above are white plastic trim that covers the hinge at the top of the door.
  • Gray hinge cover package with door stop pins, part number 7018710.
    • These hinge covers are the gray plastic covers above and beneath the door hinge.
    • Two (2) door stop pins to restrict the door to a 90° opening are included in this package.

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