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  • Using the Stand Mixer
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Refer to the Wolf Gourmet Stand Mixer Quick Start Guide for more information.

  1. Before inserting or removing attachments, always make sure Stand Mixer is unplugged and setting control is set to OFF .
  2. Place the bowl into the bowl lift. Rotate the handle counterclockwise until it lowers into place.
  3. Select desired attachment for recipe. Insert the attachment into the attachment coupling and press upward. Turn the attachment counterclockwise until it locks into place on the attachment coupling. Note that the beater height cannot be adjusted, as there must be a specific clearance to prevent any safety concerns. 
  4. To raise the bowl, rotate the bowl handle clockwise until it lifts and locks into the raised, mixing position. 
  5. Attach the splash/pouring shield on the bowl by positioning the open end around the attachment and placing it securely on the bowl.
  6. Plug the Stand Mixer into a wall outlet.
  7. Rotate the speed control dial to the desired setting.
  8. Use pulse to incorporate unmixed ingredients or loosely disperse dried fruits, chocolate morsels, candies, or nuts in a batter or dough. The pulse feature can also be used to slightly move the attachment when needed to thoroughly scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl.
  9. When finished mixing, rotate the speed control to OFF . Unplug from the wall outlet.
  10. Remove the attachments by pushing attachment upwards into the attachment coupling. Turn the attachment clockwise until it unlocks. Pull down and remove.
  11. To remove the bowl, lift and slide the splash/pouring shield off the bowl and set aside. Rotate the bowl handle counterclockwise until it lowers and stops. Lift the bowl out of the bowl lift.

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