Wolf Gourmet Cutlery Care Recommendations


  • How do I clean my Wolf Gourmet knives?
  • What can I use to clean my knives?
  • Is my cutlery diswasher safe?
  • What temperature and detergent do I use when cleaning my cutlery?
  • What type of cutting board should I use with my knives?


Tips for Wolf Gourmet Cutlery care include:
  • Always use appropriate cutting boards.
    • Wood, bamboo, and polypropylene are softer materials that will allow the knife blades to stay sharp longer.
    • The material should allow the knife to scratch the surface.
    • Never use hard materials such as tile, ceramic, marble, glass, or granite. These will dull and damage blades quickly.
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher.
    • Dishwashing damages the blade and handle. Dry thoroughly before placing in knife block of in-drawer knife block.
  • Wash cutlery by hand under flowing water with a gentle cloth and mild detergent after every use.
    • Avoid cleaners containing bleach or citrus extracts.
  • Dry knives carefully with a cloth after washing to prevent staining on the blade.
  • Never use knives to cut bones or joints. Use the boning notch in the kitchen shears for that purpose.
  • Always rinse and dry knives immediately after using, especially after cutting citrus or high-acid foods that can damage knives.
  • Store knives in Wolf Gourmet Storage Block, knife case, in-drawer knife block, sheath, magnetic bar, or back in their own packaging to avoid dulling the blade, chipping, or a potential injury.
  • Place only dry knives in the storage block to prevent damage and corrosion to the knives and block.
  • Use knives as intended.
  • Never use to pry frozen food apart or as a screwdriver.
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