Wolf Gourmet Toaster Element Not Working Correctly


  • One or more heating elements is not glowing.
  • One or more heating elements is glowing brighter than, or not as brightly as, others.
  • Toaster has no power or does not heat or toast.

Steps to Verify Issue:

Toaster element configuration:

  • A two-slice toaster has three heating elements: two outside heating elements, one each on the far left and right sides of the toaster, and one center heating element, in between the toaster slots.
  • A four-slice toaster has six heating elements: four outside heating elements and two center heating elements.

Normal operation of the toaster heating elements:

  • Please note the heating elements are designed so they will not glow bright red.
  • The center heating element(s) is(are) designed so they will not glow as bright as the outside elements because the center element uses a "double wound heating ribbon wrap." The outside element boards use a "single wound heating element wrap." This difference in winding configurations is done to ensure even toasting on both sides of bread.
  • The heating elements also are designed to operate differently in the various toasting modes:
    • In TOAST mode all elements are energized.
    • In BAGEL mode, only the center element is energized.
    • IN KEEP WARM mode all elements are energized during the toasting cycle, then they cycle ON and OFF for the 3 minute Keep Warm cycle.
    • In FROZEN mode all elements are energized. Note that if BAGEL and FROZEN modes are selected together, all elements are energized for 1 minute, then the outside element turns OFF and only center element is energized for the remainder of the toasting cycle.
  • See also, Wolf Gourmet Toaster Average Toast Time

To determine if your toaster is working properly:

  1. Plug in the toaster.
  2. Turn the toasting SHADE SELECTOR KNOB(S) to number 4.
  3. Place bread in all of the slots and push down on the bread lifter(s). The toaster should begin heating.
  4. Ensure that BAGEL mode is not selected as the outside heating elements stay off in this mode.
  5. If the lifter(s) will not stay down on its(their) own, but the elements begin to heat when you hold the lifter down, the problem is with the lifter(s), not the elements. See also, Bread Lifter Does Not Latch.
  6. If the toaster does not heat at all, it must be replaced.
  7. If the toaster heats, the lifter(s) do(es) stay down on its own, and the bread is brown (toasted) on both sides of all slices at the end of the toasting cycle, the toaster heating elements are operating properly.
  8. If the toaster heats, the lifter(s) do(es) stay down on its own, but the bread is not brown (toasted) on both sides of all slices at the end of the toasting cycle, the toaster heating elements are not operating properly. The toaster must be replaced.

Refer to the Toaster Use & Care Guide for further information.


To obtain an in-warranty replacement or for further assistance, please contact the Wolf Gourmet Customer Care Team at CustomerService@Subzero.com or call (800) 222-7820.

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