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French Top Cover


  • Unable to find a cover for the French top
  • Will the RT Series Rangetop French top cover fit on the SB Series French top?
  • If using a French top cover from an RT on an SB Rangetop, are additional parts needed?
  • Can French top cover bumpers be purchased?


Wolf French top covers vary by product line.

  • French top cover for Dual Fuel, GR Gas Range, and SRT Sealed Burner Rangetops vary based on serial number.
  • This cover does not use bumpers or spacers.
ModelPart Number
Dual Fuel - Prior to Serial # 18186625816617
Dual Fuel - Starting with Serial # 18186625826121
GR Gas Range - Prior to Serial # 18186568816617
GR Gas Range - Starting with Serial # 18186568826121
SRT Sealed Burner Rangetop - Prior to Serial # 18187087816617
SRT Sealed Burner Rangetop - Starting with Serial # 18187087826121

R Series Gas Ranges and RT Series Gas Rangetops cover is part number 817745.

  • Spacer, part number 816896, is also needed if one is not present on the product.
  • The spacer sits in front of the French top plate and has indents for the feet of the cover.
  • Older SB Series Rangetops did not come with a cover for the French top. The RT Rangetop French top cover will work on these models as well.
  • If replacement bumpers are needed, order part number 805638.
    • 4 bumpers are used on each French top cover.
    • Bumpers come with replacement covers.

Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.


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