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Wolf Gas Supply Line


  • What size should the gas supply line be?
  • Is it okay to use a supply line that is different than the Wolf specifications?
  • Problems using a smaller gas supply line
  • Gas pressure requirements


Always follow the installation guide for Wolf's suggested gas supply line size and pressure. Deviating from this suggestion can cause performance issues.

  • Gas line dimensions are Interior Diameter (ID).
  • Connection from the supply line to the unit can be rigid or flexible as local code allows.
    • If local codes permit, a certified 3' long, 1/2" or 3/4" interior diameter (ID) flexible metal appliance connector is recommended to connect the unit's 1/2" NPT inlet to the gas supply line.
      • Inlet is male or female depending on model.
      • Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information.
    • A smaller gas supply line (1/2" instead of 3/4") may not be able to deliver the volume of gas needed to fuel the unit when several burners are on, or when using the oven and surface burners at the same time in an all-gas range.
  • Line may stem off a main line supplying a water heater if pressure can be maintained by both appliances. Heat output may be compromised.
  • If gas line suggestions are not followed and product performance issues occur as a result, the only remedy in some cases is to install the correct gas supply line as suggested.
  • Suggested gas supply line is the same for Natural Gas and LP.
  • Wolf gas pressure regulators cannot be adjusted for a different pressure. See Gas Regulators Included for more information.

Gas requirements:

PressureNatural GasLP Gas
Manifold Pressure (from Regulator)5" WC10" WC
Min Supply Pressure (to Regulator)7" WC11" WC
Max Supply Pressure (to Regulator)14" WC .5 psi14" WC .5 psi

Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information.


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