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Outdoor Gas Grill Rotisserie


  • Reverse Outdoor Grill (OG) rotisserie motor
  • Distance to a Side Burner or Burner Module when rotisserie reversed
  • Length of the rotisserie burner, size of the motor
  • Can the left side bracket be left in place on the grill if adding a right-hand (RH) rotisserie kit?
  • Add the RH rotisserie kit to a cart model
  • Rotisserie meat holders, part number 814606
  • OG rotisserie motor does not work
  • OG rotisserie motor power cord length
  • Part numbers 814568, 814570, 814604, and 816426
  • Conversion kit to right-hand rotisserie, part number 819434


Wolf OG Outdoor Grills come standard with a two-position rotisserie system with an infrared burner.

  • The rotisserie ignitor is on the rear panel next to the rotisserie burner.
  • The rotisserie can hold a maximum weight of 25 lb (11 kg).
  • The rotisserie rotates clockwise if facing from the side the shaft enters from.
  • The rotisserie rod does not extend past the hood of the grill.
  • There is no counterbalance weight available, it is not needed.
  • Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for more information about rotisserie grilling.

Rotisserie Bracket

  • The rotisserie motor and bracket assembly are mounted on the left side of the Outdoor Grill (OG) standard. If the accessory right-hand (RH) bracket is installed on an OG, any BM13 Burner Module must be at least 12" to the right of the unit, instead of the 2.5" specified in the installation instructions.
  • Replacement left-hand (LH) bracket can be purchased using part number 814604.
  • The LH bracket cannot be swapped from left to right.
  • To reverse the mounting to the right side of the grill, the accessory RH bracket is needed, part number 819434.
  • If the LH bracket is not removed from the OG when installing the RH bracket, the BM13 has to be 12” away from either side of the OG, in case the rotisserie drive motor is placed in either location.
  • The RH bracket is not recommended for installation onto the cart-mounted OG.

Rotisserie Burner

  • The rotisserie burner length for the OG30, OG36, and OG54 is 21”, part number 814568.
  • OG54 uses two 21" rotisserie burners.
  • The rotisserie burner length for the OG42 is 28", part number 814570.
  • The rotisserie burner has cool spots along the edges at each end.
  • When in use, the rotisserie burner is always on and does not cycle to hold a lower temperature. Refer to OG Outdoor Grill Rotisserie Ignitors for more information.
  • The rotisserie burner should be replaced when needed by a Factory Certified Service provider.
  • See Wolf Infrared Burners for greater detail on burner operation and flame appearance.

Rotisserie Meat Holder

  • OG Outdoor Grills come with meat holders, or meat forks.
  • OG30, OG36, and OG42 come with two meat holders for the rotisserie.
  • OG54 comes with four meat holders.
  • Use part number 814606 to purchase a pair of meat holders.
  • Order a quantity of 2 if all four meat holders are needed on the OG54.
  • Extra meat holders may be used as needed. Do not exceed the maximum weight limit of 25 lb (11 kg).

Rotisserie Motor

  • The rotisserie motor has its own power cord that plugs directly into the electrical source.
  • The rotisserie motor power cord is approximately 9' in length (one 3' section and one 6' section).
  • If a replacement power cord is needed, order the entire motor assembly; a separate power cord is not available.
  • If the rotisserie motor stops working, no troubleshooting advise is available. A new motor assembly is needed.
  • To order a replacement motor assembly, use part number 816426.
  • The rotisserie motor may be left in place, if desired. It is not necessary to remove after every use.
  • The use and care guide suggests removing it when not in use to protect it from the elements. However, leaving it in place when not in use will not affect the functionality of the unit.
  • The rotisserie motor is 5 3/16"W x 4 7/16"H x 2-3/4"D.

Genuine Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove parts are available by calling the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area. Only filters and cleaners are available for online purchase in the Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Store. Other parts are not available for purchase online.

Contact a Local Dealer for further sales information or a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.


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